2017 Brick in Architecture Awards Celebrate Outstanding Design

RESTON, Va.–The 2017 Brick in Architecture Awards honor 35 winners in 19 states for outstanding and resilient design that incorporates clay brick. Judged by independent design professionals, the Brick Industry Association’s premier design competition generated 91 entries this year with Best in Class, Gold Silver and Bronze winners in eight categories. “The winners demonstrate brick’s …

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Clay Paver Colors

Whitacre Greer’s clay paver colors include a wide palette of reds, tans and buffs.  All are colorfast and will not fade with use or exposure to ultraviolet light.  Like traditional building brick, the firing process yields a thermo physical change in the raw material resulting in a brick paver that is durable and beautiful.

Paver colors available in standard color range are achieved by careful blending of shale, fire clay and other additives.  Products of all straight shade colors may be custom mingled at the plant according to the design professional’s specification.  This results in the easy availability of the ‘perfect’ color blend to complement your next paving project.  It also safes time and expense easing demands on the installer to blend material on the job site.

Click on the thumbnails below for a larger image and the color name.  These photos are for reference only.  Please ask your sales representative for samples prior to making a final color selection.

Colors within a given shipment of Whitacre Greer pavers will vary slightly due to subtle changes in clay composition and kiln firing temperatures. Such color variations should not be considered a defect, but a natural desirable feature that gives the pavers greater character and depth.  Please request samples prior to make final color selections.