Whitacre Greer Fire Brick

Whitacre Greer is a leading manufacturer of low-duty fire brick for industrial uses and residential fireplaces

As with pavers, dry-pressing provides consistency and uniformity, resulting in accurate dimensions and a higher quality finished product.

Dimensional stability also makes for faster and easier installation. Dry-pressed fireplace brick are available in various sizes. Whitacre Greer offers two colors of brick, buff and red.

Buff Fire brick

Buff Fire Brick

Red Fire Brick

Red Fire Brick

Attractive Whitacre Greer Dry-Pressed fireplace bricks brighten up the hearth while reflecting maximum heat into the living area. This unique project is also available in cobbled, adding an old world charm.

Accurate Dimensions: Dry pressing provides consistency and uniformity for easier installation and a high quality finished product. Available in a variety of sizes.

Buff or warm red cobbled fireplace bricks lend an old world look to the hearth, adding charm to any fireplace even before logs are ignited.

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Product Data Buff Firebrick

Product Data Red Firebrick

Test Data: Thermal Conductivity

Test Data: ASTM C24 Pyrometric Cone Equivalent 

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Firebrick MSDS

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