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Projects of an architectural or commercial nature may be registered by a particular distributor. If you require a quote for a project that has been specified by a design professional please contact the appropriate Whitacre Greer representative identified below. Please have the project name, location and specifying firm available.

For Eastern Canada inquiries, please contact Jacquelyn Cox at (330) 248-8985 or jcox@wgpaver.com.

For Western Canada inquiries, please contact William Sundquist at (423) 385-4598 or wsundquist@wgpaver.com.

Jacquelyn Cox: (330) 248-8985 or jcox@wgpaver.com

Mitch Tabor (405) 641-8008 or mtabor@wgpaver.com

Rob Rollins: (630) 514-0052 or rrollins@wgpaver.com

William Sundquist, VP Sales: (423) 385-4598 or wsundquist@wgpaver.com

Erin Cowan, Customer Service Manager: (330) 823-1610 Ext 249 or cs1@wgpaver.com

Vince Edwards, Customer Service: (330) 823-1610 Ext 226 or cs2@wgpaver.com