2017 Brick in Architecture Awards Celebrate Outstanding Design

RESTON, Va.–The 2017 Brick in Architecture Awards honor 35 winners in 19 states for outstanding and resilient design that incorporates clay brick. Judged by independent design professionals, the Brick Industry Association’s premier design competition generated 91 entries this year with Best in Class, Gold Silver and Bronze winners in eight categories. “The winners demonstrate brick’s …

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Proper Clay Paver Installation

The Brick Industry Association, in conjunction with the School for Advanced Segmental Paving, present these two videos to assist contractors with clay paver installation on a sand setting bed.  Each focuses on the attributes unique to fired-clay.

Part one cover laying clay pavers including the importance of identifying and planning for modules, using chalk lines and proper joint spacing.  Additional information on laying clay pavers on a sand setting bed can be found in Technical Note 14A located on the BIA’s website gobrick.com.

Part two focuses on the proper type of joint sand and compaction techniques that lead to a successful installation. 

Sand-set pavers are the most cost-effective method of constructing a pavement made with clay pavers. The system relies upon developing interlock in the paving course, which is generated by friction between the pavers and the jointing sand. This enables the pavers to function as part of the structural pavement system.

Clay pavers set on a sand setting bed are appropriate for virtually any paver application, ranging from pedestrian to heavy duty vehicular traffic. At a minimum, the system requires clay brick pavers and a sand setting bed, compacted after paver placement. Depending on subgrade conditions, additional layers, base and subbase may be required.

Residential walkways, driveways and patios as well as commercial plazas, sidewalks and vehicular areas can be successfully constructed using sand set pavers.

Part 1 – Installing Clay Pavers Series – Laying Clay Pavers

This video covers the proper installation of clay pavers and the various steps to take to ensure your next paver project will provide the look and durability you desire.

Part 2 – Installing Clay Pavers Series – Sanding & Compaction

This video covers the proper techniques to compact clay pavers during installation so that your next paver project will provide the longevity, the look, and the durability you desire.

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