Whitacre Greer is a small, boutique-type manufacturer of fired-clay paving brick and firebrick. The company specializes in short production runs of many unique items.  Established in 1916, by J.J. Whitacre, today the company is owned and managed by the fourth and fifth generations of the Whitacre family.  Whitacre Greer uses the dry-pressed manufacturing process to form all products, pavers and fire brick, and fires them in natural gas-burning kilns.  All products are produced in the company’s Alliance, Ohio manufacturing plant from raw materials extracted in Northeastern Ohio.

Fired-Clay Paving Brick

Many colors, shapes and sizes of fired-clay paving brick are available.  Available colors range from traditional reds and browns to contemporary grays and buffs.  Common sizes range from standard 4×8 pavers to the signature Boardwalk paver measuring 2-1/4 or 3-inches wide by 9-inches long by 2-1/4 or 3-inches deep.  Whitacre Greer, exclusively, offers a 6-inch by 12-inch paver and a hexagon.  Custom sizes, shapes and colors may be available upon request.  Whitacre Greer fired-clay pavers are used in residential and commercial projects across North America and are the paver of choice for Emory University, Georgia Institute of Technology, The University of Dayton and many other institutions.

Fire Brick & Split Fire Brick

Whitacre Greer is also a leading producer of low-duty fire brick used in the construction of residential fireplaces and in light industrial applications.  Whitacre Greer split fire brick line the interior of wood burning stoves.  Fire brick and split fire brick are available in buff and red colors and in a variety of sizes to meet specific applications.

All Whitacre Greer fired-clay paving brick and fire brick comply with applicable ASTM standards.  Independent retailers throughout North America distribute Whitacre Greer pavers and fire brick.  Locate the distributor appropriate for your next project here.

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Long Beach, California Queensway Project Featuring Boardwalk Fired-Clay Paving Brick

Fired-Clay Paving Brick Surround This Syracuse, New York Pool

Patio and Fireplace Constructed Using Whitacre Greer Fired-Clay Paving Brick And Fire Brick