4 x 8 – Beveled Edge/Spacer Lug Photo Gallery

We offer a range of paver styles from a crisp, precise Bevel Edge to an Old World Cobbled look that includes ashlar patterns with sizes up to 6″ x 9” and 4″ x 12”. From the linear look of a Boardwalk paver, square edged modular pavers for mortared installation to permeable paving units in two sizes, WG has a size and finish for every project. Click on the picture below to see a completed installation of the product.

SHADE COLOR NAMES: (Click here to see color images)
30 Clear Rustic | 32 Antique | 33 Dark Antique | 34 Mulberry | 36 Red Sunset | 41 Caribbean | 42 Cinnamon | 43 Tangerine | 44 Mahogany |46 Riverwood | 50 Ivory
52 Majestic | 53 Cimmerian | 54 Chocolate | 56 Desert Gray | 38 Old Chicago

OWC: Old World Cobbled (All sizes and styles are available in this finish.)
REPT: Rolled edge, plate texture. (Special order for selected clients. More textured than the usual pressed brick, slightly rolled edge, usually with lugs.)

Click here to see blend specifications for Emory, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, North Shore, Saint Augustine, UD – University of Dayton, and Denison Blends.

Beveled Edge/Spacer Lug