Boardwalk OWC

We offer a range of paver styles from a crisp, precise Bevel Edge to an Old World Cobbled look that includes ashlar patterns with sizes up to 6″ x 9” and 4″ x 12”. From the linear look of a Boardwalk paver, square edged modular pavers for mortared installation to permeable paving units in two sizes, WG has a size and finish for every project. Click on the picture below to see a completed installation of the product.

SHADE COLOR NAMES: (Click here to see color images)
30 Clear Rustic | 32 Antique | 33 Dark Antique | 34 Mulberry | 36 Red Sunset | 41 Caribbean | 42 Cinnamon | 43 Tangerine | 44 Mahogany |46 Riverwood | 50 Ivory
52 Majestic | 53 Cimmerian | 54 Chocolate | 56 Desert Gray | 38 Old Chicago

OWC: Old World Cobbled (All sizes and styles are available in this finish.)
REPT: Rolled edge, plate texture. (Special order for selected clients. Rougher than the usual pressed brick, slightly rolled edge, usually with lugs.)

Boardwalk 3 x 9