Request LA CES and AIA Continuing Education

Whitacre Greer offers several programs for continuing education – each explores a different aspect of genuine clay pavers.  Note that programs are available for AIA continuing education credit using the Brick Industry Association’s provider number and LA-CES.  Please contact Andy, Mic, Rob, Mike or William if you are interested in learning more about the programs.  Programs include:

AIA/BIA Approved Programs:

WG 0002A Dry-Pressed Permeable Clay Pavements (Expires September 2017)
WG 0003A Successful Brick Paver Projects (Expires March 2018)
WG 004 Brick 101- For Fired Clay Brick Pavers (Expires April 2018)

ASLA LA-CES Approved Programs:

WG 002 Permeable Clay Brick Pavements
WG 003 Successful Brick Paver Projects
WG oo4 Brick 101 For Fired Clay Brick Pavers (New 4-14-16 Pending)

Know the materials and methods used in brick paving systems including discussion on lifecycle costs and ideas to improve adaptive reuse potential.

Identify the various paver types and paving system best practices.

Learn how to select, specify and install these systems to achieve design goals while mitigating the effects on the site’s ecosystem.

Identify areas in which clay pavers can contribute to sustainable environments through careful material selection and system design.

Introduce and review of permeable segmental pavement best practices.

Dry-Pressed Permeable Clay Pavements

Identify the lifecycle cost benefits of permeable clay brick pavements and know the materials and methods used in their construction.

Identify the characteristics of permeable clay brick pavements that can improve water quality and reduce runoff, includes a discussion of the advantages, limitations and best practices of these systems.

Learn how to mitigate the effects on the site’s ecosystem through proper selection, specification and installation of permeable clay brick pavements.

Identify areas in which permeable clay brick pavements can contribute to sustainable environments.

Successful Brick Paver Projects – How to Minimize Construction Problems

Success of pavement systems depend on proper drainage, a sound base and subbase, containment of the system, proper design and qualified installers.

Learn common areas where system failure occurs and why it occurs and how to minimize these problem areas.

Become familiar with aggregates required for successful

Learn how to specify and identify qualified contractors.

Learn the attributes of brick pavers.


Andy Karas | (330) 206-7689 or


Rob Rollins | (630) 514-0052 or


Mic McAfee | (330) 936-3220 or

Michael Tyson | (404) 538-9990 or


William Sundquist | (423) 385-4598 or

All Others Areas:

Please call the plant at (330) 823-1610.