Clay Brick Paver Pattern Ideas Available from Whitacre Greer

Whitacre Greer fired-clay brick pavers are available in sizes and shapes unique to the brick  industry.  Combine with a wide range of standard colors and the easy availability of custom blending, Whitacre Greer pavers provide limitless design flexibility.  Suggested clay brick paver installation patterns are available here to aid the creative process.  These patterns include ideas for combining 4×8, 8×8 and simlulated 4×4 (Kerf) pavers as well as 6×3, 6×6 and 6×9 combinations that have been used successfully in past projects.  Whitacre Greer is a boutique-type producer of clay pavers and can accomodate many requests for large and small projects.

The Riverside Methodist Hospital project featured below and located in Columbus, OH is a beautiful example of the blending of size and color.  4x8x2-1/4, 4x8x2-1/4 Kerf and 8x8x2-1/4 pavers in shades 50 Ivory, 52 Majestic, 53 Cimmerian and 54 Chocolate were used by Trinity Health Group in creating this attractive space.  DistributorHamilton Parker supplied the material for this project.
Whitacre Greer Clay Brick Pavers Riverside Hospital Columbus, OH
Thank you Trinity Heath and Hamilton Parker for allowing Whitacre Greer to be part of this project!