The End of the 20th Century at WG

Five years ago, Robert Hunker purchased the Whitacre mansion, restored it impressively and reintroduced the sport of fox hunting to the area. After a 50-year layoff, I resumed my riding activities, part of a second childhood, I suspect. My equestrian ability may be rusty as I am writing this history while mending some bones after “coming off my horse” while jumping.

Lynn Cart is a ceramic engineer, worked for WG at Magnolia, Waynesburg and Alliance as a supervisor and in the laboratory. After the death of her husband in 1997, she left WG to spend full time with her daughter Lila, who was 3 at the time. Since then, Lila has been very successfully involved in the Head Start program and Lynn has served with some distinction on a three-county Head Start policy board.

Janet Kaboth came with WG after graduating from Miami University of Ohio, teaching and working with insurance claims. She has raised Chris and Stephen, worked at the main office, Middle, obtained a night school degree in accounting, an MBA from Baldwin Wallace and became financial manager after the 1990 retrenchment. Janet’s MBA and accounting school records were outstanding. After the 1997 annual meeting, she left WG to work as a consultant. She was quickly hired, part-time, by TRC, a specialty silicone products formulator in Akron. Recently, to meet a need at WG she returned, part-time, as financial manager. In 1999, she was considering an offer to return to TRC as president.

John III graduated from Kiski Prep School, attended Mount Union for a short time, graduated from Ohio Diesel School, worked at Waynesburg and the Morges Gas System, was maintenance supervisor at Midvale and in 1999, works at Alliance in sales service and manages our property in Waynesburg. John is a volunteer paramedic and recently distinguished himself by helping rescue a girl from a 40-foot well. Scuba diving is his hobby.