First Production of Permeable Boardwalk Paver Completed

Samples of Whitacre Greer’s new Permeable Boardwalk Paver are now available.  The Permeable Boardwalk Paver is a genuine fired-clay brick paver.  The paver’s dimensions, 2-1/4-inches wide, 9-inches long, and 3-inches deep allow it to be installed in several bond patterns including:  running bond, herringbone, double herringbone and basket weave.  Contact your nearest Whitacre Greer distributor or email Chris Kaboth at for samples of this exciting new product.  The Permeable Boardwalk Paver is designed to assist with stormwater management goals.  Whitacre Greer Permeable Boardwalk Pavers may be used by municipal engineers to comply with Stormwater Phase II requirements for MS4s.  The fired-clay Permeable Boardwalk Paver is sized to accomodate pedestrian and vehicular applications.

Permeable Boardwalk Paver - Running Bond

Running Bond

Basket Weave


Double Herringbone