Fred Azar Landscaping Tests Probst Paver Max and Clay Pavers

Monday, December 21st, Fred Azar Landscaping personnel tested their new Probst Paver Laying Machine with Whitacre Greer fired-clay brick pavers.  A representative of Pave Tech Hardscape Outfitters was present to assist with the machine’s set up.  Initial tests proved very encouraging.  The pavers tested were a blend of Whitacre Greer 4x8x2-1/4 beveled edge pavers with spacing lugs, shades 30 Clear Red, 32 Antique, 33 Dark Antique, 34 Mulberry and 36 Red Sunset.  A herringbone paver pattern was used.  All Whitacre Greer paving products are packaged flat set on wooden pallets.  Adapting the current packaging to a package condusive to machine installation should not be difficult considering the flexibility of Whitacre Greer’s boutique-type manufacturing process.