Hobbler, Hostetler, Dagenhard and Hatfield Help Build WG

Bob Hobbler replaced Steve Haw in selling refractory products. Grace and Vernon Hosteler came to WG and for many years, did the bookkeeping and accounting.

John Dagenhard was pitching for the National League Boston Braves under Casey Stengel before Dagenhard’s career ended with World War II. John was called up from Hartford with a first baseman named Etchingham for the last month of the season. Casey tells Etchingham to pinch hit and hit to the left. Dagenhard said, “Casey, I have played with him all year and he can’t hit left.” Etching ham lines a hit to left. Casey said, “Hey Dagie, what’s wrong with you, you played with the man all year and don’t know what he can do.”

John Dagenhard, son of longtime mine boss Joe Dagenhard, gave up a promising major league baseball career to work at the plant during the war. John would become an important member of the company for the next 20 years, becoming Waynesburg plant superintendent and eventually succeeding Ed Stedman as sales manager to the steel industry after Ed retired.

Chuck Hatfield was plant manager at Magnolia and later Alliance. He was a great high school basketball player, leading the Waynesburg Mohawks to the semifinals of the state tournament. Chuck became famous in Ripley’s Believe It or Not by bing the winning pitcher in a 30-inning double no-hit softball game.

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