Janet’s Story Concludes

Our change in management philosophy began to pay off in many ways, most prominently through our safety programs, which were a high priority. We began to receive many awards for our safety record and received a special award in 2011 for going 533,615 hours without a lost time accident from 2007 to 2011. We also received awards from the Brick Industry Association and The Refractories Institute for our safety and environmental practices.

We have continued to improve the quality of our products and successfully added several new salespeople who have great knowledge in the industry. We continued our market presence of a high-quality, high-cost and specialized paver. We began to receive many awards from various industry groups for jobs using our pavers. In addition, Whitacre Greer received the 2015 Business Excellence award from the Canton Chamber of Commerce. We are looking to the paver market for continued growth, once we are able to produce more through the completion of the kiln renovation project.

Janet Kaboth, 2015


4th and 5th Generation Whitacres

4th and 5th Generation Whitacres