Stark County History Paved In Brick

Whitacre Greer has a long history in the fired-clay products industry.  Following is a short history of the company’s early years.

Whitacre began producing hollow building block and fire brick in Magnolia in 1891. That year, he and two partners formed the Beatty Fire Clay Co. The second company closed in 1901, and Whitacre’s ex-partners set up shop across the street from his company.

Whitacre left the business and turned U.S. congressman from 1910 to 1914. He returned in 1915 to help his brother, Richard, run his company, Whitacre Fireproofing.
In 1916, the Whitacres merged with Beatty-Greer to form Whitacre-Greer Fireproofing.
J.J. Whitacre gained national acclaim for his solution to the company’s labor shortage. He built 60 cottages, in which company employees could live rent-free.
Whitacre also helped the company survive by adjusting its products to fit changes in the marketplace.
J.J. Whitacre became company president when Richard Whitacre died in 1920.
J.J. Whitacre’s son, J.B., and grandson J.B. Jr., succeeded him as president.
Source: The Repository, ‘Legacy of Leaders’