Structural Stoneware

Structural Stoneware prospered for decades, but ran into trouble when it could not duplicate the unique tile was a fast firing process. The company ended up with two product lines and failed about five years later. Dan then established a successful business as a tile installation consultant and lived happily with his second wife, Lori, on Cape Cod, where he enjoyed sailing. Dan and Lori later moved back to Aurora, Ohio, where Dan passed way in 2014. He is buried close to his father in the Magnolia cemetery Whitacre family plot.

As this period ended, WG was making a little money, was badly in need of a continuous kiln and missed the services of DD and Dan Whitacre, John Dagenhard and Steve Haw. Fortunately, good people in our work force were promoted to fill the vacancies and proved very capable of handling their responsibilities.Cleveland Union Carbide Random Bond PA Avenue Lafayette Park DC