Whitacre Greer Beveled Edge Pavers Perform Well in University of Pittsburgh Test

In order to better understand the vibration exposure to wheelchair users when traveling over select sidewalk surfaces, testing partially funded by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute, the Brick Industry Association, and the National Concrete Masonry Association was conducted at the University of Pittsburgh.  Six paving surfaces were tested including poured and finished concrete, concrete pavers and genuine clay pavers.  At the conclusion of the test, four of the test surfaces were determine to test ‘most favorably in terms of shock and vibration exposure’ when compared to poured concrete sidewalks.  Whitacre Greer dry-pressed, beveled-edge brick pavers with spacing lugs were one of the surfaces receiving this favorable rating.  Researchers further concluded that the four favorably rated surfaces should be ‘considered acceptable as a pedestrian access route for wheelchair users.’  Follow this link to the entire research report.