Whitacre Greer Company – 100 Years of Quality

In 1999 John B. Whitacre Jr., tumbled from hisJohn Whitacre Jr horse Colby breaking his wrist and fracturing his lumbar vertebra. As he recovered, he set out to record the history of Whitacre Greer. This is his story.

‘I was born in 1926. The first half-century, I was not a full-time employee. What I report here comes from what I have been told by family, stockholders, employees, customers or suppliers or what I have read. I worked four hours a day my last two summers in high school (1942 and 1943) and regular eight-hour days in the summer of 1947 and part of the summer of 1948, while attending Case Tech. The other six weeks of the summer of 1948, I took a great trip to California with two friends. The second half of the century, I worked full time at WG except two years (1950 to 1952), which were spent in the Army. The second half-century reports my experience from my viewpoint. The events are probably reported with a degree of self-serving bias you will have to live with.’

John B. Whitacre Jr., 1999