Whitacre Greer Plans Expansion

Land replats for two area businesses approved by Alliance Planning board

By Ruth Lang, The Alliance Review


The Alliance Planning Commission approved land replats for two area businesses during its regular meeting on Wednesday.

Concerning property along South Mahoning Avenue, Surveyor Bob Akins testified that brick-making business Whitacre-Greer wishes to purchase a parcel of an outlet in order to formally expand its available storage space.  He said the portion, owned by Jacob Maendal, is within city limits but the business property is within Smith Township limits, so creation of a landlocked outlot is required.

“This outlet will be transferred to Whitacre-Greer, then immediately following that transfer, there will be another transfer combining it into Whitacre-Greer’s 10 acres,” he explained.

Chairman John Gross, city safety-service director, read a letter from Assistant Law Director Robert Hunter Jr., which indicated “this is a landlocked parcel; it may not be conveyed or conferred, unless it is adjoined with a property that abuts on a street right-of-way.”

It was noted that since Whitacre-Greer owns other portions of the parcel that abut city street rights-of-way, the subsequent transfer should not be an issue.

City Engineer Curtis Bungard, who was not present Wednesday, recommended via correspondence approval of the replat on the condition of the above-mentioned language correction.

Board member Mark Locke moved for approval, and the issue was unanimously approved for recommendation to Alliance City Council.

The Alliance Review, Thursday, August 16, 2012