Whitacre Greer Prepares for Major Kiln Renovation

WGLogoWe are extremely pleased to announce that the long-awaited renovation of our primary kiln has been scheduled for October 1st! Completion of the project will improve our ability to provide you with quality pavers and firebrick for years to come. The renovated kiln will also improve our flexibility to manufacture unique sizes and colors. Columbus, Ohio-based, Harrop Industries, Inc will construct the project with the assistance of in-house maintenance personnel. The project is scheduled to be substantially completed by March 1st, 2016. Commissioning is expected to be completed by April 1st. In preparation for the October 1st start, most production will terminate in early September.

In anticipation of the project, inventory levels of pavers and firebrick have been increased to help us maintain shipping during the construction process. We have considerable inventory of most firebrick items and expect to be able to meet shipping demands throughout construction. Many paver items are also available from current stock.

We do, however, anticipate pavers being increasing more difficult to obtain in the late fall and winter months. New orders for paver items not currently available from yard stock will be produced in April 2016.

We sincerely regret this delay and recognize that it may create very difficult situations for those of you with projects requiring pavers between now and April. Please contact your sales representative with these concerns. Ultimately, the completion of the project will position us to better serve you in the future.
We appreciate your understanding as we make these improvements and look forward to serving you.


Whitacre Greer Company