Whitacre Greer Supports Alliance Green Task Force’s ‘Fuel-Less Fridays’

The Mayor’s Green Task Force was created in 2007 by Mayor Toni Middleton with the goal of making Alliance, Ohio a community that is friendly to the environment.  To that end, the transportation sub-committee of the Task Force has invited businesses, organizations and individuals to join in ‘Fuel-Less Fridays,’ by parking their cars one day a week and taking the bus, car-pooling or riding a bicycle.

Whitacre Greer has long offered secure bicycle parking for employees, many of whom live near the plant.  On pleasant days during the summer months it is not uncommon to see the bicycle rack filled.   Employees with all degrees of responsibility are regularly seen bicycling to and from work.  In support of the ‘Fuel-Less Fridays’ initiative Whitacre Greer encourages all employees to consider alternate means of transportation.

Whitacre Greer has also sought to conserve resources by replacing the aging SUV of regional sales manager Andy Karas with a fuel-efficient Toyota Prius.  Andy now enjoys fuel efficiencies of 50 miles per gallon while traveling throughout New England and upstate New York.