Whitacre Greer Tests Infiltration Rates of Permeable Boardwalk Paver and 4x8x2-1/4 Permeable Paver

November 2009 laboratory testing indicates that Whitacre Greer fired-clay Permeable Boardwalk and 4x8x2-1/4 Permeable pavers installed with a setting bed of ASTM No. 9 and base of No. 57 will adequately accept runoff from heavy rains.  ASTM No. 9 crushed aggregate was also used in the joints between the pavers.  The test indicates that when clean aggregates are utilized, the Permeable Boardwalk paver is capable of accepting 1300 inches per hour while the 4x8x2-1/4 Permeable is capable of 970 inches per hour.  Even with considerable clogging due to airborn particulate and debris from traffic and the surrounding landscape, Whitacre Greer Permeable Boardwalk and 4x8x2-1/4 Permeable brick pavers, when installed properly, will sufficiently accept the runoff from even the heaviest rainfall.  Download the complete test results here.

Whitacre Greer Permeable Boardwalk Pavers 2-1/4x9x3

Whitacre Greer 4x8x2-1/4 Permeable