Whitacre Greer’s History Continues – Founder JJ Whitacre Passes

JJ remained mentally active, learning the French language after age 70. He subscribed to a Paris newspaper and read many books written in French. His personal library was extensive. Among his books, I found an early volume extolling the virtues of various vitamins in one’s diet. In 1938, JJ had a stroke and died in Miami. His property, including WG stock, was divided equally among his children. Apparently, it was his intent that his oldest son, JB, have voting control over the other children’s common stock for 25 years. There was some confusion here, according to Art Estep, as part of the will was missing. DD, Kate and JB signed an agreement that JB would control the vote of the stock for 25 years or until 1963, when we will revisit the subject. From 1938 to 1963, JB was president, DD vice president and Art Estep secretary-treasurer.